Thursday, September 18, 2014

As people grow up, the one who really stay around them get lesser.
Leaving/parting become something common
Sending them away can be challenging too at times.
So many things to say and to share, but everything is just kept in the heart
So hard to express. 
Deep down, im not sure what i really want.
Sometimes, i do really care..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

As usual, keep on and off from my blog. I dont really has the habit of writing any post anymore. But i think i will try to update some things here so that in the future i will be able to refer back to here with some memories like what i am doing now.
Dont know since when i start questioning myself. Those questions which makes me feel down, upset, troubled and even in doubt. I think it's because of the people and the enviroment that leads to all these questions. Or maybe the things i encountered plays a part too. Dont really like this kind of feeling. But this is LIFE, everyone has to go through this. and luckily, it didnt stay in my mind for too long as i got distracted by other stuffs easily.
The feeling of doubts like for myself or any people/things. It just pull people down to somewhere they shouldnt belong to, as they start to develop a form of thinking called "worry". Assumptions and negative thoughts will appear and make that person become more depress. That's why i dislike about that.
Even though it's hard to prevent one from having the negative thoughts. But must constantly remind yourself that you shouldnt stay at that "problem" for too long.
 Nothing is impossible.
 If you can solve it, do it. If not, just walk away.This is not a form of avoid, but why have to keep thinking when there's nothing we can do. We have to find something to make ourselves HAPPY.
 Being happy, it will grow more happiness.
Always do something to make yourself a better person compared to yesterday.
HAHA, okay. It's time to stop my nonsense.