Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm back to my blog. A big ball-like beautiful earth appearing in my blog, really like th background a lot. Times really flies, it's 25th of May 2011. I cannot really remember when did i last log in my blog. I felt that it's like quite long ago, maybe like a few months ago. Recently, a lot of things happen to me. I was once depress for my job, academic, friends and etc. However, currently i am glad that everything is getting better.

Anyway..... it's 2505! H1Y5M! :)

i know this is not real. however, lasted until now.
thanks for being there for me

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I just wonder why.
i dont dare to say that the world is unfair.
I can only blame myself.
With my own will and power,
that's the only thing i can change what i am now.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I still cannot believe that i had finish spending my four days of chinese new year for the past few days. the time is really passing very fast, surprise. I don't know how to describe the time, is one of the thing which we, human, cannot control.

Alright, i shall talk about the days before chinese new year. I went to shop for flower with my family.

And when the draw nearer, i helped my parent to decorate the house. Getting ready for the brand new chinese new year to come. Snacks, red packets, drinks and stuffs were all moved out from the store to the living room/kitchen. After decorating the house, indeed the house looks much more better compared to the previous year. Didn't took any picture of that. So just imagine an apartment with snacks, furniture, drinks, plants (flower) and chinese new year decoration.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing much to say today. Actually i am lazy to post. Just that i went out today? :) I remembered that i used to see some colourful mailbox but i didnt get to take down the picture. However, i saw one today. This time, it's not mailbox but a trash bin. I find it quite colourful, so i took it down.

Some are creative as they paint on the trash bin.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let me rewind the time back to friday where i went out with my fellow friday to have our dinner. So firstly, i went out to meet with one of my friends. We went to chinatown to collect stuffs. Followed by, going to bugis to meet the other friend. We did some last round shopping for our cny. Bought some shirt, pants and etc. Even thought it's a friday, the place was still crowded with people. Walked for a few hours till we met another friend and we proceed to another destination.
Trained down to city hall as we had our dinner at yuki yaki. Ate quite a lot in the restaurant and i was the chef on that day. I fried quite a lot of meat for the others. Bloated. After that we went around the shopping mall.

It's a Japanese buffet restaurant

And we reached esplanade, saw the "helice". As a science student, when i mentioned about helix, i bet you must be wondering whether i am talking about DNA double helix. Yes, you are right.

We also went to MBS (marina bay sand). Walked for a few hours and decided to go home as the time was late. The night scenery was so nice, i shall end this post with a picture.

-missing you

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time really flies.
We have being together for 1 year and 1 month
Together, we had a lot of fun and laughter.
At the same time, we did quarrel.
You are a good tempered girl, seriously.
Always give in to me, thanks.
I cannot deny that i am always the one who bought up the quarrel
But you always make me loss of my words.
You are just like a small girl, most of the time.
However, during these period of time, i saw that you are growing up.
Become strong and patient.
Thanks for being there for me when i am feeling down.
Sometimes, my mood just swing.
And you didnt lose temper on me but gave in to me. Thanks
I am glad that we manage to pull up till this long.
Thanks, baby.

a picture from ddtanks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

As we grow up, the responsibilities which we going to bear will also increase.
It's won't be just academics alone.
What's coming up in the future will be Money, Career, Relationship, House, Car and the necessities which we cannot expect now.
School life will only become a history or a childhood memory to us, where we actually learn our subject in a class with around 40 people in a class.
During that time, we still have no idea how's the world really looks like.
In our future, we are no longer a kids. We have to depend ourselves.
Earn our money ourselves. Keep ourselves survive. And be an useful person in the society.

When thinking about that, that's when the stress, tears, fights, breakdown and more emotional issues come in.
Everyone has their own problem/difficulties/troubles.
Just that the level, everyone faced are different.
We might be really sad about what we had faced.
We might be thinking why i am having all this endless suffering while others are having fun
We might also think we are the only one who is having this kind of life and not others
But who knows that in another corner of this world, there are people who also facing problem.
Their problem might be more severe than us, more unbearable, more unpleasant.
Like what the Chinese said: "家家有本难念的经", i totally agreed with that.

Usually people describe human's life as a roller coaster.
When everything's goes smoothly and well, it's going up.
When everything comes crashing down, it's going down.
the excitement in this rides, are all we going to experience in our life.
Some people make their roller coaster which is very high, so their life full of excitement.
They saw a lot of things when they going up. Of course, everyone hope we will just stay up there forever, but sometimes there is a bit of down slope.
This is the part where it depend on the person; if the person willing to face the problem, the rides will sure move forward. But if the person decided to give up and stop at that part, the rides won't move but stopping at that stage.
So if we ever faced any problem, we must tell yourself
"This will be over if we continue to work hard!"

Even though, i faced some problem which i find it really stress.
I will try to tell myself to hold on.

This words gives me the impression of "unreasonable".
But what's i saw in you was that you are holding on to something which you think you makes you an unreasonable person
Holding on too tight till people thinks it's unreasonable.
Actually, we must depend. There always a time where we have to be ba dao.
Not being unreasonable, but to hold on to what we think it's right and something we really want to fight for.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yesterday helped up my parent to do some spring cleaning at home. There's quite a lot of things to do, like arranging the things in the rooms. Moving the furniture here and there, trying to have a different look for cny. Woke up at around 8 plus as my mumy called me up to help her on cleaning her stuffs. So didnt really wash up myself, and i started to help up. around 12 plus, parent started to complain that they are hungry. lol, i thought i should be the one who should complain? Nevermind. initially, they suggested to ask me down to purchase food for them. but after further discuss and psycho-ing from me, they changed to kfc delivery. so we make our order online and continue with our spring cleaning. We used around a few hours to actually finish our spring cleaning. I have no idea whether i ate too much fried food for this few days, and i was actually feeling very cold in the night. My parent said my forehead was feverish, but luckily i am fine today.

Actually there's nothing much happening today. I woke up at around 7 plus as my parent was arguing about the furniture xD But i went to sleep and woke up again at 9 plus to start preparing myself for work. and blablablabla.... The end.

Have you ever put your palm on your chest and ask yourself who is the one which make your heart beat?

I am not smart, but i willing to learn
I am not fast, but i will try hard not to be slow
I am not romantic, but i will try my best to make you happy
I am not alert enough, but i will try not to be blur in front you.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yes, i am yawning. I am really tired now, seriously. Have been sleeping very late for the past few days. I have no idea why, just don't feel like sleeping when i am suppose to sleep. Actually i am quite troubled with my personal stuff, like academic, career, future and etc.

The life as a HUMAN: (for some people)

When we were a baby; life is w/o worries and trouble just fun
What we need is just sweets, food, toys and people who dote us

When we were a teenager; life is like a holiday
When we entered primary/secondary school, what we troubled is just exam, the fanciful/romantic/dramatic relationship.

When we were a young adult; Holiday ends (for some people), life starts to get busy
This is the time when we start thinking about what we have to do to allow us to have a stable income to support our family

Recalling back, is enough to make one cry.
If you spent a lot of time doing something which you find it meaningless. Now is the time to change your lifestyle. Because one day maybe ten years later, you recall back what you are doing now. you will find it nice that you actually doing something you are interested and meaningful during the past ten years.

-p.s this post is for you, zac (myself) xD

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What can i say~? i had an exam today. Did not really do well for that, screwed up. Pretty disappointed and upset. I studied till late hour last night, but end up i was blank in staring at my paper. I think i have not study enough, this is not my best shot. Where's the usual me? I bet still sleeping in my lala-land. left with my only hope in feb, final paper. I got to work damn hard for that. Hope i can push myself to persevere. Like what the olden day where people said :"
I really understand that. Sitting on the exam room was really short and fast. Time flies in there, everyone trying their very best in answering the question which appeared in front of their eyes. No one dare to waste their time in thinking things other than the exam questions. During the short and fast period, what we need is the things we learnt in our daily life. I really have to work hard, really.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quited my blog for months. Didn't really know what to post, however there is a sudden urge of blogging again. I have no idea why, just feel like doing it (?) loL! If i want to ask myself why i want to create my blog again, i think by tomorrow i still don't have an answer for it? So let's ignore this question. Blog is somewhere i can say stuffs to myself, and also to you guys who are reading now if i ever give you my blog link. I shall get the ball rolling, let me start with the things i did today. Basically, i have my class today. Woke up in the morning around 7 plus to get myself prepare for school. Seriously, the weather was so freaking cold. I like this kind of weather, really. Cold wind blew towards me when i came out of my bathroom. It's like going for an vacation in Genting. The weather makes me really lazy; don't want to change my clothes, don't feel like eating my breakfast and don't feel like going to school. But luckily, i got myself up to school. Recalling back, it's really weird when i was still deciding whether i want to attend class today even i had stepped out of my house. Everything is the same in class, had my lesson and blablabla. During class, the air-conditioner was really driving me to sleep. It's a nice condition to get myself to sleep. Therefore, i passed my time with my mind hanging in the air. After a few hours and the class ended, met my friends and went for our dinner in Swensens. What we did there, i shall not go in depth. so blablabla. And finally back home with the "want-to-blog" feeling, and so now i am here.