Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quited my blog for months. Didn't really know what to post, however there is a sudden urge of blogging again. I have no idea why, just feel like doing it (?) loL! If i want to ask myself why i want to create my blog again, i think by tomorrow i still don't have an answer for it? So let's ignore this question. Blog is somewhere i can say stuffs to myself, and also to you guys who are reading now if i ever give you my blog link. I shall get the ball rolling, let me start with the things i did today. Basically, i have my class today. Woke up in the morning around 7 plus to get myself prepare for school. Seriously, the weather was so freaking cold. I like this kind of weather, really. Cold wind blew towards me when i came out of my bathroom. It's like going for an vacation in Genting. The weather makes me really lazy; don't want to change my clothes, don't feel like eating my breakfast and don't feel like going to school. But luckily, i got myself up to school. Recalling back, it's really weird when i was still deciding whether i want to attend class today even i had stepped out of my house. Everything is the same in class, had my lesson and blablabla. During class, the air-conditioner was really driving me to sleep. It's a nice condition to get myself to sleep. Therefore, i passed my time with my mind hanging in the air. After a few hours and the class ended, met my friends and went for our dinner in Swensens. What we did there, i shall not go in depth. so blablabla. And finally back home with the "want-to-blog" feeling, and so now i am here.


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