Thursday, January 20, 2011

As we grow up, the responsibilities which we going to bear will also increase.
It's won't be just academics alone.
What's coming up in the future will be Money, Career, Relationship, House, Car and the necessities which we cannot expect now.
School life will only become a history or a childhood memory to us, where we actually learn our subject in a class with around 40 people in a class.
During that time, we still have no idea how's the world really looks like.
In our future, we are no longer a kids. We have to depend ourselves.
Earn our money ourselves. Keep ourselves survive. And be an useful person in the society.

When thinking about that, that's when the stress, tears, fights, breakdown and more emotional issues come in.
Everyone has their own problem/difficulties/troubles.
Just that the level, everyone faced are different.
We might be really sad about what we had faced.
We might be thinking why i am having all this endless suffering while others are having fun
We might also think we are the only one who is having this kind of life and not others
But who knows that in another corner of this world, there are people who also facing problem.
Their problem might be more severe than us, more unbearable, more unpleasant.
Like what the Chinese said: "家家有本难念的经", i totally agreed with that.

Usually people describe human's life as a roller coaster.
When everything's goes smoothly and well, it's going up.
When everything comes crashing down, it's going down.
the excitement in this rides, are all we going to experience in our life.
Some people make their roller coaster which is very high, so their life full of excitement.
They saw a lot of things when they going up. Of course, everyone hope we will just stay up there forever, but sometimes there is a bit of down slope.
This is the part where it depend on the person; if the person willing to face the problem, the rides will sure move forward. But if the person decided to give up and stop at that part, the rides won't move but stopping at that stage.
So if we ever faced any problem, we must tell yourself
"This will be over if we continue to work hard!"

Even though, i faced some problem which i find it really stress.
I will try to tell myself to hold on.

This words gives me the impression of "unreasonable".
But what's i saw in you was that you are holding on to something which you think you makes you an unreasonable person
Holding on too tight till people thinks it's unreasonable.
Actually, we must depend. There always a time where we have to be ba dao.
Not being unreasonable, but to hold on to what we think it's right and something we really want to fight for.

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  1. Love this post~ ♥
    Have to plan before action :)