Monday, January 17, 2011

Yesterday helped up my parent to do some spring cleaning at home. There's quite a lot of things to do, like arranging the things in the rooms. Moving the furniture here and there, trying to have a different look for cny. Woke up at around 8 plus as my mumy called me up to help her on cleaning her stuffs. So didnt really wash up myself, and i started to help up. around 12 plus, parent started to complain that they are hungry. lol, i thought i should be the one who should complain? Nevermind. initially, they suggested to ask me down to purchase food for them. but after further discuss and psycho-ing from me, they changed to kfc delivery. so we make our order online and continue with our spring cleaning. We used around a few hours to actually finish our spring cleaning. I have no idea whether i ate too much fried food for this few days, and i was actually feeling very cold in the night. My parent said my forehead was feverish, but luckily i am fine today.

Actually there's nothing much happening today. I woke up at around 7 plus as my parent was arguing about the furniture xD But i went to sleep and woke up again at 9 plus to start preparing myself for work. and blablablabla.... The end.

Have you ever put your palm on your chest and ask yourself who is the one which make your heart beat?

I am not smart, but i willing to learn
I am not fast, but i will try hard not to be slow
I am not romantic, but i will try my best to make you happy
I am not alert enough, but i will try not to be blur in front you.

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