Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let me rewind the time back to friday where i went out with my fellow friday to have our dinner. So firstly, i went out to meet with one of my friends. We went to chinatown to collect stuffs. Followed by, going to bugis to meet the other friend. We did some last round shopping for our cny. Bought some shirt, pants and etc. Even thought it's a friday, the place was still crowded with people. Walked for a few hours till we met another friend and we proceed to another destination.
Trained down to city hall as we had our dinner at yuki yaki. Ate quite a lot in the restaurant and i was the chef on that day. I fried quite a lot of meat for the others. Bloated. After that we went around the shopping mall.

It's a Japanese buffet restaurant

And we reached esplanade, saw the "helice". As a science student, when i mentioned about helix, i bet you must be wondering whether i am talking about DNA double helix. Yes, you are right.

We also went to MBS (marina bay sand). Walked for a few hours and decided to go home as the time was late. The night scenery was so nice, i shall end this post with a picture.

-missing you

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