Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What can i say~? i had an exam today. Did not really do well for that, screwed up. Pretty disappointed and upset. I studied till late hour last night, but end up i was blank in staring at my paper. I think i have not study enough, this is not my best shot. Where's the usual me? I bet still sleeping in my lala-land. left with my only hope in feb, final paper. I got to work damn hard for that. Hope i can push myself to persevere. Like what the olden day where people said :"
I really understand that. Sitting on the exam room was really short and fast. Time flies in there, everyone trying their very best in answering the question which appeared in front of their eyes. No one dare to waste their time in thinking things other than the exam questions. During the short and fast period, what we need is the things we learnt in our daily life. I really have to work hard, really.