Friday, January 14, 2011


Yes, i am yawning. I am really tired now, seriously. Have been sleeping very late for the past few days. I have no idea why, just don't feel like sleeping when i am suppose to sleep. Actually i am quite troubled with my personal stuff, like academic, career, future and etc.

The life as a HUMAN: (for some people)

When we were a baby; life is w/o worries and trouble just fun
What we need is just sweets, food, toys and people who dote us

When we were a teenager; life is like a holiday
When we entered primary/secondary school, what we troubled is just exam, the fanciful/romantic/dramatic relationship.

When we were a young adult; Holiday ends (for some people), life starts to get busy
This is the time when we start thinking about what we have to do to allow us to have a stable income to support our family

Recalling back, is enough to make one cry.
If you spent a lot of time doing something which you find it meaningless. Now is the time to change your lifestyle. Because one day maybe ten years later, you recall back what you are doing now. you will find it nice that you actually doing something you are interested and meaningful during the past ten years.

-p.s this post is for you, zac (myself) xD

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